About Soul Health Lounge

My passion for health and fitness started at an early age. My parents always had me doing some form of exercise, if that meant swimming, martial arts or tagging along to an aerobics class that my mom used to teach. I also have a love for dance, working my way up to a professional level doing Brazilian Samba, which was a lot of fun! Like many people, I had office jobs working for big corporate companies where I had to sit at a desk all day. It got me by, but I didn't feel fulfilled. I spent my spare time doing Bikram Yoga to relax and fell in love with the way it made me feel. I also knew it was helping to rid the toxins from my body. I also met a lot of healers who my friends had recommended to me, and the hurt and stress they had helped my body release could not be ignored. I then gave birth to a perfect baby boy, and I realized I wanted to spend my life working on something that I was passionate about, and that I could be proud of. One where I could be flexible and spend more time with him. I love all things health and beauty, especially when they are natural, because the toxins from chemicals are also not good for our mind and body.

I truly believe that there are certain things that are good for our soul, that raise us up and in turn help with how we feel overall and how successful we are in life. Having good soul health means that we have found the ability to relax, to let ourselves love and be loved, and find ourselves being positive (most of the time). When we are negative we lower our vibration, and this doesn't make us feel good. When we stop moving, we aren't triggering our natural endorphins (feel good chemicals). When we put toxins in our body it slows our organs function and makes us feel sluggish. 

It is interesting to note I seem to have attracted friends from the health and wellbeing industry (naturopaths, nutritionists, nurses, yoga teachers and fitness trainers, as well as make up artists), so I have learnt a lot from them along the way. 

This is why everything you see from Soul Health Lounge is organic and chemical free. We only offer products that raise your vibration and help you contribute to a cruelty free and sustainable planet. 

I also believe in premium and quality things for myself, and that's why I only offer premium products here at Soul Health Lounge. If you aren't happy in any way, please email info@soulhealthlounge.com so that I can make it right for you. 

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With Love and Happiness xx